We are a leading company, from the city of Taxco, which is dedicated to the wholesale sale of silver jewelry, with 30 years of tradition and experience supported.  At D’escorcia our main objective is to adorn and beautify women and men through jewelry with meaning made of Mexican silver.

At D’escorcia we offer a complete silver wholesale service; We design, manufacture and send the pieces to the point of sale of national and international clients. As a competitive advantage, our lines are based on trends in jewelry, designed to cover a wide variety of markets, not only for its extensive range of products but also for the versatility of its models; since it has exclusive designs and commercial pieces to satisfy the needs of a demanding mature and sophisticated market, as well as that of a younger and more daring segment.

With the aim of offering the market the best wholesale price in silver jewelry and guaranteeing quality with the best raw materials, D’escorcia has its own efficient silver workshop in Taxco, with a qualified workforce; we have modern and artisanal production processes and handmade finishes. It is also an ethical company that responsibly takes care of its waste taking care of the environment.

D’escorcia we are a fully committed company, and we love what we do, we get involved and participate in fashion events, catwalks and fairs, with a national and international presence.